Pokemon Go trainers furious after getting “invalid” Community Day codes

A Pokemon Go player is furious with Niantic support after receiving an “invalid” Community Day code and receiving no help from the Niantic team after reaching out to them.

Pokemon Go has been steadily dropping in community favor as of late thanks to various controversial changes Niantic has made to the game over the past few months.

These recent changes compounded with many reports of users having poor experiences with Niantic support are leaving many worried Niantic is slowly killing Pokemon Go.

Now, another player has claimed to have been snubbed by Niantic support after participating in a recent Community Day Meet-up event.

Pokemon Go player received faulty code during Community Day

The claim comes by way of Reddit user ‘Josh72112,’ who made a post on the PokemonGo subreddit titled “Niantic handed out invalid codes during the Community Day Meetup. Now they won’t compensate affected players.”

A logo for the Pokemon Go Community Day

Pokemon Go Community Days occur once a month and offer trainers various rewards, like the chance to catch one Pokemon at a higher rate.

The post shows screenshots from a conversation Josh had with Niantic support after claiming to receive an invalid code for the recent community Meet-Up event in Monterrey, Mexico.

Josh explained that Niantic was offering codes to players who completed certain tasks that day, but after earning and trying to redeem the code it was already invalid.

Josh posted five screenshots of their conversation with Niantic support, ultimately ending the issue unresolved.

This is far from the first time users have complained about lackluster help from Niantic support, as just last week another Pokemon Go player slammed Niantic after not receiving a prize they earned despite trying to get the issue resolved for nearly 3 months.

Niantic handed out invalid codes during the Community Day Meetup. Now they won’t compensate affected players. from pokemongo

Many have echoed the sentiment on Josh’s Reddit post, with user ‘GiggityDPT’ saying, “The support in this game is so f**king useless. It’s like talking to a wall.”

With many Pokemon Go trainers scheduling a walkout on social media for May 30, maybe Niantic will take note of community frustrations and finally begin remedying its support network.

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