Police called upon to extend investigation of cases of political violence to rural areas

Former Foreign Affairs Minister in the MMD regime Keli Walubita has urged the Inspector General of Police to extend investigation of cases of political violence to rural parts of the country.

Dr Walubita who welcomed the decision of the Zambia Police Service to revisit numerous cases among them of political violence said the investigations should not only be restricted to the capital city alone but other far flung areas where people were victims of political violence.

“I am making a passionate appeal to the Inspector general of Police and to his command to thank the Zambia Police for having indicated that they are going to investigate all the cases of criminality that occurred around 2015, 2016,” said Dr Walubita.

The former Foreign Affairs minister said there is need for the Zambia Police Service to expedite the investigations to ensure that perpetrators of political violence are brought before justice.

Dr Walubita said he still seeks answers and justice over the attempted assassination of his life in 2015 when he had gone to campaign for the UPND in Shangombo District.

Dr Walubita who served as Member of Parliament for Shangombo for 10 years said his vehicle was extensively damaged along with the Chalet where he was lodging during the campaign trail.

“The Chalets in which I was sleeping in, which is within the Shangombo Roman Catholic Diocese was attacked, the windows were shattered with a view that I should be assassinated on the spot. My vehicle was shattered,” recounted Dr Walubita.

He said what was shocking was that he was attacked in a Chalet on the premises of the Catholic Church just 100 meters away from the police station.

Dr Walubita said despite a report being made to the Police in Shangombo and a docket being opened, he has not received any feedback from the police.

Dr Walubita said President Hakainde Hichilema is aware about the incident and had called him immediately after news of his attack in order to find out about his safety during the 2016 campaigns.

He said a lot of criminal activities arising from political violence took place in Shangombo and other areas affecting not only him but also the ordinary people which need redress.

Dr Walubita said culprits are well known and that the police must act decisively.

Speaking in a telephone interview, Zambia Police Deputy Spokesperson, Daniel Mwale told ZANIS that the Police Service is still investigating most cases bordering on political violence that were never concluded in order to give them logical conclusion.

“We are revisiting most of the cases to give some logical end. We are revisiting gassing cases, we are revisiting most cases of political violence so that we can bring them to an end,” said Mr Mwale.

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