Randy Corporon and Salem Media Group are in hot water for election fraud claims– good

Last weekend, a former executive with the Denver-based Dominion Voting Systems filed a defamation lawsuit against talk show host Randy Corporon and the Salem Media Group that hosts his show on local station 710 KNUS.

Corporon’s false accusations against Eric Coomer, namely that he rigged the 2020 election in favor of Biden, “elevated Dr. Coomer into the national spotlight, invaded his privacy, threatened his security, and fundamentally defamed his reputation through a relentless election fraud campaign” according to the suit. I hope Coomer prevails.

Coomer has lodged similar suits against more than a dozen individuals and media outlets for propagating lies that have upended his life and exposed him to harassment and death threats. At the sordid center of this steaming pile of mendacity lies podcaster Joe Oltmann who alleges Coomer admitted he’d thrown the election on a conference call with Antifa.

Oltmann was given a platform for his deceit when KNUS hosts invited him on their shows this time last year. “In every instance, Oltmann repeated his false claims about Dr. Coomer and accused him of engaging in criminal conduct. During these numerous interviews, Oltmann frequently insisted that he was presenting absolute and verifiable facts, and confirmed that he was not speaking in hyperbole,” the lawsuit states. “For its part, Salem Media had knowledge that these false allegations were being widely disseminated on its airwaves and yet did nothing about it.” The lawsuit does not distinguish between hosts who spoke with Oltmann to promote his conspiracy theory like Corporon and those who did so to challenge his claims like George Brauchler.

Individuals have a right to seek redress when false allegations damage their reputation and life, but not all lies are equally actionable. To be considered defamation, an accusation must be a statement of fact that can be proven false, versus an opinion — like so and so is a worthless gadabout — or a blustery exaggeration used to emphasize a point. Most importantly, the lies must have caused real harm.

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