Reviewed: JinSoon Nail Polish | Who What Wear


I have been opting for gel manicures for the better part of two years. What can I say? When it comes to my nails, I don’t have the patience (or time) to deal with chips, which always seem to crop up when I opt for regular polish, no matter how well I prep my nails or which polish I choose. 

Recently, I got my nails done at JinSoon in Tribeca, New York City. Founded by Jin Soon Choi, a runway nail artist, JinSoon nail salons are known for their zen décor, luxe experience, and, of course, eponymous nail polishes. In an out-of-character moment, I opted for regular polish instead of my normal gel. 

After, I had a few whirlwind weeks—I moved apartments, went on a weekend trip, and attended fashion week. Three weeks later, I was on my way to my next nail appointment, and I looked down at my hands and couldn’t believe my eyes. It looked like I was wearing gel polish. My nail color was almost fully intact after three full weeks of wear (and with the fact that I was moving apartments, I wasn’t exactly going easy on my hands). 

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