Rumour: Star Director Asked Son To Stay Away

Recently a star director is in the news for the comments made by someone else, and since then there are all eyes on the director for obvious reasons. Other day, this big director turned up for an event related to him, and many scenes happened over it.

One of the major scenes is when the director asked his own son to stay away from the event. As his father is getting associated with this sensational event, his doting son is said to have asked him for an entry at the event and wanted to share the stage with his dad. However, the director is said to have asked his son to stay away from the events related to him. One wonders what is actually going on there.

Going by this happening, it looks like all those rumours that are doing rounds about the director are actually true and he is making things look worse by these acts. At least, the director should have made sure that this rejection news won’t come out, but he himself is said to be commenting about it with some media folks who went to meet him.

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