RZA Drops ‘Troubleshooting’ From Graphic Novel Soundtrack


RZA’s alter ego Bobby Digital returns with new song “Troubleshooting” from the Wu-Tang Clan founding member’s upcoming soundtrack for the graphic novel of the same name, Bobby Digital and The Pit of Snakes.

In the accompanying video, which features animated graphics inspired by the book, a bloody battle ensues while RZA deals with an internal battle, noting “trouble keeps on finding me… keeping me from love I need, that’s why I gotta take what’s mine.”

“Trapped in a web of trouble/I untangled it,” he raps in another verse. “Wrangled up my golden horse/Then I angled it.”

The eight-song soundtrack arrives on Friday via 36 Chambers ALC/MRNK. Meanwhile, the graphic novel — written by RZA, Vasilis Lolos, and Ryan O’Sullivan — will be released on Aug. 13 via Z2 Comics. “The story follows Bobby Digital as he embraces his id, ego, and superego and embarks on a quest to figure out the nature of his reality and himself,” according to a press release.

“Out of all my creative personas and alter egos Bobby Digital is probably the best fit, for comics and graphic novels,” RZA said in a statement when he announced the project. “It’s a pleasure for me to collaborate with Z2 Comics and bring this lush world of creativity into the comic space. The readers are going to be hit with something they never seen coming. Bong – Bong.”

Earlier this year, RZA released the DJ Scratch-produced Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater, a concept album also structured around the rapper’s Bobby Digital character. The album was preceded by singles “Fate of the World” and title track “Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater.” Of the long-delayed record, RZA said it allowed him “a chance to re-emerge during quarantine.”

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