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Sanef urges IFP to axe planned protest action to City Press’ offices


The Inkatha Freedom Party’s (IFP)  said it plans on embarking on a strike to the offices of City Press next Friday, 16 September 2022.

According to the party, the purpose of the march is to protest against the ‘abuse’ of the media platform by City Press editor, Mondli Makhanya.

IFP said Makhanya has been masquerading as a journalist for many when he, in actual fact, has a personal political grudge against the party.

“It is important to note that Mr Makhanya is quoted in Dr Anthea Jeffrey’s book, The People’s War, as having participated in the black-on-black violence of the past, taking pleasure participating and seeing IFP members maimed.”

“Based on his writing, it is clear that this so-called editor is nothing more than a former ANC operative with an agenda, who has, in City Press, found a platform to abuse his former foe Prince Buthelezi, as well as the IFP,” said the IFP.

Meanwhile, the South African National Editors’ Forum (Sanef) has called on the freedom party to reconsider the planned protest action.

“This is rather unfortunate as it creates an impression that there are no available avenues to resolve whatever issues anyone might have against journalists or a media house. As Sanef, we view the planned march as an act of intimidation by the IFP, directed at those who criticise the party or its leadership.”

“We are not convinced that mobilising party supporters to march to the offices of a media house will achieve any constructive result. If anything, such mobilisation can only be viewed as nothing more than the bullying of Mondli Makhanya, the editor-in-chief of City Press – intended to silence him.”

The Sanef added that journalists were not above criticism and that when disagreements pertaining to their work occur, there are available bodies such as the Press Council and the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of SA to independently handle and adjudicate such complaints.

“With a week to go before the planned march, Sanef is calling on the leadership of the IFP to reconsider this dangerous idea.”

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