Shell Energy Broadband announces price rises: what are your options?

Shell Energy Broadband has announced that its broadband prices are set to rise in September, when many customers will see their bills increase by 6.1%.

The provider is writing to all affected customers to make them aware of the price hikes, which will also affect home phone customers. Earlier this year, Shell Energy Broadband postponed the introduction of annual price rises that would’ve seen the cost of many packages increase by 8.4%.

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How are Shell Energy Broadband’s prices changing?

Whether the price of your broadband deal will go up or not depends on when you took out a deal with Shell Energy Broadband:

  • If you joined or signed up to a new deal before 4 October 2021, your bill will rise by £2 per month.
  • If you joined or signed up to a new deal between 4 October 2021 and January 8 2022, your bill will rise by 6.1%.
  • If you joined after January 9 2022, your price will not change. 

Shell Energy is also increasing prices for landline customers, though only for calls made outside of your normal package. Customers currently pay different amounts based on when they signed up, but calls to UK landlines and mobiles will rise to 19.10p per minute. 

The cost of add-ons is also being harmonised for all customers, so people who have services such as call divert, call waiting and voicemail will also see the cost of these rise.

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What if I moved to Shell Energy Broadband from Post Office?

Shell Energy Broadband acquired some 80,000 customers from Post Office after the latter closed its broadband service in early 2021.

If you moved to Shell Energy Broadband from Post Office and are still within your minimum contract period, the price of your deal will rise by 6.1%. 

However, if you moved to Shell from Post Office and are no longer in your minimum contract period (i.e. you are out of contract) then the price of your deal could decrease. Shell is harmonising the cost of out-of-contract services, so some customers could see the amount they pay reduced by between 8% and 11%.

However, our research has shown that out-of-contract customers usually pay more for their broadband than those who stay in contract, either by switching regularly or negotiating a new deal with their provider. 

If you’d rather stay with Shell Energy Broadband, it’s worth getting in touch to see what it can offer. Get started using our tips on how to haggle for the best broadband and TV deal.

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Can I leave my Shell Energy Broadband contract if my price goes up?

Whether these price rises will mean you can leave your contract penalty-free or not depends on the terms and conditions set out in your contract. 

Like many other big broadband providers, Shell Energy Broadband has started factoring in annual price rises into some broadband contracts. This allows for it to increase the cost of your deal by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate of inflation as published each January, plus an additional 3%.

However, Shell Energy Broadband postponed this year’s price rises which would have added an extra 8.4% to many of its customers bills starting back in April.

The email or letter you receive from Shell Energy Broadband will explain the price rises that will affect you and whether you can cancel without incurring a termination fee. 

However, keep in mind that if you do have annual price rises factored into your contract, the cost of your deal may rise again next April.

If you’re ever concerned about being able to afford the cost of your broadband, always get in touch with your provider for help. They may move you to a more affordable deal, reduce your bill, set up a payment plan or give you extra time to pay.

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