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Shop Holiday Gifts On Sale

Clicking around the internet the past few days, you might be wondering if the whole retail world has gone on sale — those who’ve been virtual-window shopping for gifts know damn well it has. And, as a shopper in the market for the good goods to give, it’s not a bad thing to have major coin lopped off anything and everything you’ve ever considered purchasing. But, lordy lordt, is it overwhelming. To add to the frenzy of parsing through the best Black Friday deals, there’s also the whisper of unreliable shipping — which we get, sending stuff takes time and we’re in the midst of a supply chain meltdown. (Editor’s note: we’re feeling frantic too.) That’s why we decided to hunker down and do what we do best: scour the internet with a fine-tooth comb to find the best gifts on sale so you can rest easy.

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