Shop Transitional, Lightweight Jackets and Coats: Trench Coats, Chore Jackets, Raincoats and Windbreakers, Denim Jackets, Blazers, Patchwork Jackets

The importance of a good lightweight, transitional jacket cannot be overstated. These are the outfit add-ons you grab at a moment’s notice, when there’s a shift in the forecast you weren’t anticipating, during those confusing weeks where it’s no longer summer but the fall chill hasn’t fully set in — or when you get that first sunny spring day that makes you forget the months of cold that came before it. They can live in your wardrobe for years and years, thanks to easy silhouettes that don’t age (think trench coats, denim jackets and blazers), as trusty staples that adapt with your style or mood. And it’s never a bad time to be shopping for them. 

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