Simon Pegg Is Terrified By Tom Cruise’s Insane Stunts, Calls Them ‘Absurd’

Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible 7 Co-Star Simon Pegg Got Terrified By The Actor's Stunts In The Film
Simon Pegg Offers Insight On Tom Cruise’s Stunts In Mission Impossible 7 ( Photo Credit – Simon Pegg  / Tom Cruise / Instagram)

Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible 7 stunts are going to be awesome as his co-star revealed that it terrified him. Fans of the MI franchise and Cruise would know that the film is filled with breathtaking action scenes, out of which a lot of them are performed by the actor himself.

One of the most famous stunts from the series was in the fourth instalment of the franchise, Ghost Protocol. It involved the Hollywood hunk scaling the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. It was one of the most-expensive scenes shot and it was recently revealed that at least 35 windows were broken while filming it.

While talking about the film, Mission Impossible 7 is releasing this year, it will see Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt back in action. Recently, his co-star Simon Pegg, who will play the role of Benji Dunn, revealed that Tom’s stunts in the movie terrified him and that it will be even crazier in the eighth part, which is set to hit the screens in 2024.

While speaking to RadioTimes, Mission Impossible 7 actor Simon Pegg said, “Oh it’s absurd. I mean, the stuff he did for 7 was just kind of terrifying! As we always do, it’s like, how are you going to do more than that?” while talking about Tom Cruise’s stunts in the upcoming film. “And then I just saw footage of what he’s doing for 8, and it just terrifies me. I just hope they pay me anyway, you know?” Simon added.

Previously, Cruise opened up about the same and offered his insights to one of the most anticipated films. He has claimed that he performed one of the most dangerous stunts he has ever attempted while revealing that he has been working on those stunts for years.

Even though Mission Impossible 7 won’t be hitting the screens until September, fans are already gearing up to watch the Tom Cruise starrer, and now with what Simon Pegg has said, it becomes harder to wait!

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