Smash pro’s team forced to leave $1 million Pokemon Unite circuit after teammate overslept

Former Smash pro Zackray will be headed back to the fighting game soon after his Pokemon Unite team was disqualified from the $1 million Pokemon Unite Championship Series because a teammate overslept.

Zackray left the pro Smash scene in May 2022 to compete in the Pokemon Unite Championship Series. Featuring $1 million in prize money, it’s the first attempt at a major esport competition for the Pokemon MOBA.

It’s drawn some big names, including Sota ‘Zackray’ Okada, one of the top Ultimate Joker and R.O.B. players in the world. However his stint in Unite esports could be short-lived, after his team was disqualified for a reason you don’t see everyday.

Zackray’s Pokemon Unite team disqualified after teammate oversleeps

On June 18 Team Liquid’s Smash coach tweeted the pro would most likely be returning to Smash “soon.”

“Zackray will be making a return to Smash Bros soon…” L4st tweeted. “Due to his Unite teammate oversleeping and getting them DQed from the qualifier.”

In the image attached to the tweet, it’s explained what happened in more detail. Apparently the teammate named “U” had to work overnight, and got no sleep before play started at 9AM. While taking a nap, they failed to wake up for a match, and the team was DQ’d.

Zackray’s team was playing well before the incident as well, but after being knocked out they mutually agreed to disband.

Twitch: VGBootCamp
Twitch: VGBootCamp

Zackray will apparently be returning to Smash now that his Unite team is disbanded.

Teams are knocked out of esports tournaments all the time, but rarely for a reason as heartbreaking as this.

Zackray has yet to officially comment on whether or not he’ll be headed back to professional Smash, but regular viewers of his stream say he’s definitely been talking about it, and this unfortunate event could be the tipping point.

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