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Somizi Mhlongo and Thembi Seete at each others throats on Idols SA


Tension brewed on the 18th season of Idols South Africa, and Somizi Mhlongo and Thembi Seete seem to have reached an impasse that has unfortunately reached the public audience, but could it be scripted?

In a snippet of the upcoming episode that was shared by multiple viewers on social media, the celebrity cook was seen shouting at the Gomora actress.

Somizi’s cry was that Thembi has a bad habit of talking over people on the show, and not allowing them to finish what they are trying to say.

“You see now you are talking over me, and you do the same f****** mistake. That is your issue right now,” said Mhlongo.

Defending herself, Thembi said that she was not going to stand Mhlongo’s dramatic tendencies, and also made it clear that she was appointed as a judge for the new season of Idols SA, and that she is not a guest judge.

“Listen, I am not going to stand your dramatic tendencies neh. Somizi I am not a guest here, I am a judge. I am not a guest, and you better get it,” said Seete.

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The choreographer then proclaimed that he has been a judge on the singing competition show for far longer than Seete, alluding that he is far more experienced in the field.

“I have been doing this for eight years. You just started now,” shouted Mhlongo.

Soon after, the former Boom Shaka music group member slammed Somizi’s statement and made it clear that she does not care because she is now the first lady on the judging panel of Idols SA.

“Right now its 2022. Let me remind you again. I am not a guest here I am a judge, and I am here to stay. I am the first lady of this place, of this home,” said Seete.

Tweeps had a lot to say about the uncomfortable argument between the actress and the radio personality.

Many found themselves on Thembi Seete’s side, and deemed Somizi to be an arrogant bully towards his co-judges.

Once again, with Mhlongo being a trending topic, businessman and social media influencer, Mohale Motaung, was dragged in the mix.

From the behaviour in which the Sarafina actor displayed on the snippet of what’s to come on Idols SA, tweeps expressed how they can finally see how Mohale was wrongfully treated throughout his marriage to Somizi, and how they believe him in all the claims he has made about the actor.

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