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Spring cleaning

Spring is almost upon us. For many this is the perfect opportunity to give the bathroom a new sheen. But how about taking most of the effort out of cleaning? This is possible with innovations such as Duravit’s HygieneFlush technology. Combined with antibacterial features, these innovations ensure maximum hygiene for the optimum feel-good factor in the bathroom.

Innovative flush flow guarantees maximum hygiene

While toilet rims can be a particular problem zone and require frequent thorough cleaning, this is not the case with toilets equipped with Duravit’s HygieneFlush technology. The innovation here is that the water flows through two openings at the same time, producing a vortex that generates a powerful flush and optimally cleans the entire inside of the toilet. Independent tests have confirmed the effectiveness of this technology.

Hygienic cleanliness and appealing design

Functional, hygienic solutions and stylish design are not mutually exclusive. For example, the HygieneFlush option can be selected for the toilets from the ME by Starck range. Not only does it hit the mark in terms of pure aesthetics, it also complements a wide range of different styles and combines contemporary design with modern technology.

Open flushing rim becomes a germ-free zone

To eliminate the accumulation of dirt adhesions, limescale and germs, the designer bathroom manufacturer has equipped for instance the toilet range of the Duravit No.1 series with its established Duravit Rimless® flushing technology. Consequently, those difficult-to-reach places are a thing of the past. These toilets are easy to keep clean because the water starts by circling around the open, easily accessible rim area before flushing the entire inner surface. The critical toilet area at the front is especially well flushed with no splashing.

Ceramic glaze inhibits up to 99.9% of bacterial growth

Innovative Duravit flushing technologies combined with the HygieneGlaze ceramic glaze offer hygiene, cleanliness and protection. The antibacterial glaze is permanently baked into the interior of the toilet or urinal up to the rim – precisely where e. coli bacteria for example are commonly found.

Ninety percent of bacteria are killed after six hours (99.99% within 24 hours). Tests by the Institute for Hygiene and Public Health at the University of Bonn have confirmed the effectiveness of HygieneGlaze: the special glaze has a toxic effect on bacteria and germs, which inhibits their growth. The antibacterial glaze is available for Duravit toilets and urinals.

WonderGliss causes dirt to simply bead off

The WonderGliss coating is a further way to guarantee clean bathroom ceramics and makes washbasins or toilets very easy to clean. Dirt or limescale cannot secure a hold on the smooth surface and run off with the water. Any residues can be removed with a soft cloth.

Cotton instead of microfibre: tips for cleaning the bathroom

In general, a soft cotton cloth is the best choice for cleaning the bathroom, as microfibre may scratch the ceramics. A mild citrus-based detergent that works its magic over a few hours will remove dirt effectively. Foam-type cleaners have the advantage of adhering to smooth and vertical surfaces longer than liquid cleaners. Limescale can be removed easily with denture cleaner or dishwasher cleaner dissolved in the washbasin or toilet.


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