Syracuse Adds New Safety Measures

Syracuse University on Monday announced new measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on campus.

“Over the holiday, news spread of a newly identified COVID variant, the impact of which is currently being studied across the globe. Syracuse University continues to closely monitor campus and local public health conditions, including issues and concerns related to this new variant,” said a letter from the university to all students and employees. “Prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, despite the university’s very low level of COVID transmission and infection within our campus community, the Public Health Team considered several scenarios to support a safe return to campus. With that scenario planning in mind, today the university implemented several proactive actions to identify and respond to any changes in COVID transmission levels on campus attributable to the holiday break.”

Among the action taken by Syracuse:

  • Conducting enhanced wastewater testing of on-campus residence halls and select other buildings.

  • Expanding the percentage of the campus population (in all categories, including students, staff and faculty) selected for random testing. The university said “this action, combined with enhanced wastewater testing, will give us increased insight into the level of infection in the university community, and, if necessary, inform the best response.”

  • Continuing to require wearing masks indoors at all times and outdoors when in the presence of others or in a group.

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