Tarte Is Maintaining Relevance — and Going Viral — on TikTok After 23 Years in Business

For many established beauty companies that have been around for decades, the notion of finding success on TikTok can feel particularly elusive. The platform is known for attracting a young, attention-deficient and fickle audience that expects newness, authenticity and inclusivity while rejecting staleness, artificiality and anything it somewhat randomly writes off as “cheugy.” The brands thought to be best equipped to build a dedicated following on TikTok tend to be younger, grassroots-style indie startups, unless they somehow accidentally stumble into virality due to controversy or gimmicky stunts (see: Bobbi Brown‘s Jones Road). So when a brand manages to grow an audience on the platform without falling into either of those categories, it’s only natural for the industry to take notice.

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