The 21 Best Faux-Fur Coats That Look So Expensive

I know it sounds redundant to say that this coat trend will outlive other fleeting trends, but let me explain. When I say trend, what I’m really referring to is one specific coat that seems to come in and out of style every few years but that, regardless of what’s usually trending at the moment, never really goes “out.” The winter staple I’m talking about is a faux-fur coat. While there are tons of other coat options to pick from this season—from sleek leather to cloud-like quilting—it’s these cozy, luxe-looking toppers that we always have eyes for.

Maybe it’s because of their vintage appeal, or maybe it’s simply because the fuzzy coat is extra appealing to wear in the dead of winter, but either way, so many designer brands are getting on board, and I’ve pulled together the best faux-fur coats in this edit to show for it. Seeing as many labels both high and low are officially going fur-free, the imitation game has never been stronger. Case in point: Some versions from H&M, Zara, and Topshop would fool even the richest fashion lovers in the world into thinking they were looking at a luxury item.

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