The American Left Marches To Deliver Cultural Marxism

Everything degenerate and immoral goes as America devolves into a comatose empire moving into a reality worthy of the twilight zone.


The midterm elections are over. The predicted red tsunami fizzled to a few bubbles in a washtub. The blues have won again. Who chose the color for the conservative party to be red and the socialists to be blue? Was this another ploy to conceal how communist red the Democrat Party had become?

Congress barely returned to the GOP with a razor thin margin and, as such, will predictably do nothing to salvage what is left of the country and of the economy. The Socialist Democrats have been re-elected in most states and their new brethren joined them in the Senate and in Congress.

The Millennials and the Generation Z have turned up to vote, in uncharacteristically high numbers, motivated by the abortion slogan, ‘My right, my body. They needed a venue besides TikTok to whine about their pronouns, facial rings, tattoos, having to work, and having to pay for their social justice college degrees.

Generation Z voters and Millennials are destroying the west. Their brainwashed, uninformed, and drug-happy individuals drive the narrative in the mainstream media and through outrageous and nonsensical acts of civil disobedience. They are malleable tools/fools in the arsenal of the rich globalists and American elitists, the “useful idiots” the Soviets described artfully.

Older generations, dedicated to their ways of voting, are helping in the destruction because they are swayed by the media, happy to read the communist papers, too tired to search for themselves, or entrenched in their old Democrat Party, not understanding that the Democrat Party had been hijacked a long time ago by the Soviet commie activists who had promised that they will turn America into communism through miseducation.

It is important to lefties that abortion, marijuana, and other debauched ways be continued under the Democrat Party who promises perennial welfare and does not shy away from introducing more perversions and immorality into public schools, starting in kindergarten.

As you destroy the western civilization, Millennials and Generation Z, should remember that there is no such thing as a free meal and socialist dictators are not very tolerant, and your debauched and crazy lifestyle will come to an end in a truly socialist society.

Gen Z and Millennials, as you are actively destroying your country, screaming in public that you want a better future, free of climate change, and you are tired of capitalism, remember that, once you are at the mercy of the totalitarian government, all the benefits afforded to you by a capitalist economy will cease to exist.

Destroying public property, chaining yourselves on major streets, and gluing yourselves to priceless works of art, while screaming that “the planet is dying, stop using fossil fuels,” you are shooting yourselves in the proverbial foot and worse.

Without fossil fuels, life as you know it, will cease to exist. You will be very cold, very hot, in the dark, unable to go very far, no smart devices, no food, no water, no sanitation, no medical care, no medicines, no cars, everything that you enjoy and makes life worth living will disappear and you will exist in a state of constant misery and pain unlike any you can possibly imagine. You will be just a cog in the government machine, you will own nothing, and be forcibly happy about it.

You are going to have to work in many unpleasant and undesirable jobs and locations, wherever the communist party in charge of the government tells you to go. The TikTok barista whining and crying about how hard his job at Starbucks is, where there are too many customers and not enough help for the baristas, will be history.

As you cry that your human “rights’ are taken away from you and you cannot have an abortion on demand in your neighborhood, and even kill your baby after it is born, remember that dictatorial regimes do not offer abortions at all, and it is harder and more expensive to even find birth control pills. Nobody offers them to you for free and you cannot demand or get any freebies.

Twitter, Facebook, Google take note: Socialist regimes do not give you such a work environment

Employees at Twitter, Facebook, and Google, while you enjoy safe spaces to find yourselves, yoga, free health food, lattés, free daycare, free gyms, and other obscene benefits at work, remember that socialist regimes do not give you such a work environment, on the contrary, you get bare minimums, and your “rights” are constantly infringed upon and even taken away at the comrade-in- charge whims.

I did not grow up in America, but I experienced the tail end of the seventies when the journalist liars and brazen socialists anchored the five channels we could watch, the same famous media “giants” and personalities who kept us in the dark with their monopoly on public opinion and asymmetric information.

Before the social media arrived in the twenty-first century, we venerated these public opinion shapers, adopting their Democrat Socialism one report and one news hour at a time, while we firmly believed that we had “capitalism,” i.e., free markets, fair elections, and an American culture free of indoctrination by media stars, public schools, and academia.

It is not the social media that caused the fundamental transformation of society, it is the owners and executives of various corporate boards, colleges, schools, who control the platforms, aiding and abetting the “deconstruction of American education” which is now identified as cultural Marxism. People smarter than I am know that, to fix this problem, we must have technology in the right hands. But who decides what the right hands are?

Technology so far, fully in the hands of the “woke and progressive” generations, has stifled debate and divergent opinions through heavy censorship on their social platforms and ad hominem attacks, and has controlled what they deem “disinformation” and “misinformation” by using and citing as reliable sources the same news media empires who had helped shape the Cultural Marxist public opinion in the first place.



Publishers no longer pretend to print books by conservative or libertarian authors

Woke-ism is now present in many TV shows, movies, series, and books.

Publishers no longer pretend to print books by conservative or libertarian authors. The bookstores are drowning in woke and liberal authors, on more outrageous topics than one can recount, authors whose ramblings are not worthy of publishing but come in many editions. Democrat Socialist politicians have many books in print, dedicated to their “accomplishments.”

Formerly family-friendly channels have adopted scripts and made movies in which the characters represent racial diversity (even when the original books were written for Caucasian characters), homosexuality, transgenderism, social justice, and other topics dear to the woke generation’s heart.

Ads present non-whites as more intelligent and the “dumb” white people have either disappeared, have a minor role, or a non-speaking part in the ads.


In this insane world, men can have babies, and women must share a bathroom with men suffering from dysphoria

Characters in movies and TikTok video “celebs” sport heavy facial rings, more tattoos than ever, and pink, green, orange, purple, and blue hair.

Unattractive and fat men pretend to be women, models, women sports contestants, and beauty pageant winners. Dishonest reporters of all stripes address the woke pretenders with the pronouns of their fantasy reality, further distorting truth, and making an insane mockery of biology. In this insane world, men can have babies, and women must share a bathroom with men suffering from dysphoria.

The American left marches on to deliver Cultural Marxism. Everything degenerate and immoral goes as America devolves into the days, months, and years of a comatose empire moving into a reality worthy of the twilight zone.

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