The Costumes in ‘The Lost Daughter’ Symbolize Maintaining (and Slowly Losing) Control

Warning: Spoilers for ‘The Lost Daughter’ below.

Maggie Gyllenhaal‘s critically-acclaimed directorial debut, “The Lost Daughter,” explores, often viscerally, the intense emotions that women — especially mothers — experience in a powerful, empathetic and refreshingly non-judgmental way. As the slow-burn psychological drama unfolds, feelings that women rarely, if ever, are allowed to voice, or even admit to themselves, are laid bare.

Behind-the-scenes, Gyllenhaal also created a protected way for the lead actors, Dakota Johnson and Olivia Colman to reveal themselves through their characters, craft and costumes. During an AFI panel, Johnson, who plays Nina, an overwhelmed young mother summering with family on an idyllic Greek island, discussed the experience: “A lot of the movie takes place on the beach and I never worried about what my body looked like. None of the women did. That was [expletive] cool.”

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