The Shrug Renaissance Is Upon Us

Practical fashion is all about problem-solving: water-wicking fabrics, smart soles, even innovative pocket placement. But a shrug seems like it should embody the opposite. What good is a pair of pull-on, disembodied sleeves, if there’s no torso to go along with them? Still, in its simplicity, the shrug — or bolero, as it’s often referred to — is proving to be a worthy style to try.

“It’s always interesting to me when there’s a ‘trend’ that is also highly functional – when those two worlds intersect, it’s great,” says Amy Smilovic, founder and creative director of Tibi. “I love really bare tops — something about the balance with a big, wide-leg pant or really full skirt is interesting to me. But as it gets cooler, a shrug does help keep you warm.”

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