The Women’s Suit Vest Trend Lives In My Head Rent-Free

On a spectrum of devout trend followers and sartorial rebels, I lean towards the latter. My personal style skews more maximalist and is what some might dub ‘weird,’ perhaps even ‘ugly’ (I’m not offended — I know skirt-over-pants styling is an acquired taste). I always figured I was relatively impervious to mainstream influences, often ignoring what the trend cycle dictates as ‘in’ or ‘out’ in favor of clothing that just makes my heart happy. And yet here I am, sitting on the precipice of a new season, utterly enamored with fall 2022’s trend of women’s suit vests.

Allow me to recount my love story with the not-so-humble waistcoat. Since scrolling through the Instagrams of It girls and perusing online retailers is a part of my job description, my finger remains fairly situated on the industry’s pulse. Thus, when I started to see the suit vest, a traditional menswear staple, reimagined with feminine tweaks and quirky detailing, my fashion writer senses began to tingle. I realized the coming season would welcome tailored tops done in mood-boosting color palettes and unexpected fabrications — think luxe leather, lace-stitched knitwear, and padded quilting that my craftcore-loving soul can’t resist. It was then, while gawking at Ganni’s pinstriped top with golden buttons and a statement collar, that I knew I was a goner.

Have I now convinced you, too, of the wonders of fall 2022’s waistcoat offerings? If so, check out the below round-up of suit vests that first caught my eye. And, yes, I included options that cater to my personal oddball taste, but you’ll also find more subdued iterations that minimalists will find suitable (pun intended).

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