This couple’s pup stole the show on their wedding day

Our Love Story

We met at the gym after being introduced by a mutual friend. After months of talking, flirting, and building a friendship, Geoff FINALLY found the courage to ask Paige out on a date. We had a romantic dinner on a rainy night in San Mateo and the rest was history.

Geoff took Paige to a beach cliff overlooking a beach in half moon bay where they had hiked before. While their families were taking pictures, Geoff hid a note in their dog Athena’s collar telling Paige that he had a very important question to ask her. When Paige lifted her eyes from the note, she found Geoff kneeling on one knee with a ring box in his hand. Paige became overwhelmed with tears and said yes without even seeing the ring. Geoff was so excited that he opened the box towards him, and almost dropped it in a puddle at her feet. Luckily, he caught it just in time!

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