This week’s best celebrity looks were carefree and cool

Actor Zoey Deutch attends the premiere of Not Okay in New York.

Andy Kropa

Actor Zoey Deutch attends the premiere of Not Okay in New York.

Unfettered access to free designer clothes is obviously one of the major bonuses of being a celebrity, but if you ask us, the real perk of value is having a stylist on hand to edit and adjust your outfit in a way that makes it look A-list.

It’s these small styling tweaks that really make an outfit and separate the visionary from the plainly ridiculous.

While we probably wouldn’t be brave enough to attempt to pull off any of these outfits in our own day-to-day lives, we can appreciate the work that goes into making these celebrities look so glam. Below, our favourite celebrity looks of the past seven days.

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Best effortless chic

In my fantasy world, I make my millions, benevolently gift all my printed and bright clothing to those less fortunate, and have an entire wardrobe of black and cream looks from The Row. So focused am I on this dream that I’ve had a pair of $2k boots (aka entry level The Row) from the Olsen twins’ brand on my watchlist for months.

Anyway, Adwoa is out there living my best minimalist chic life and absolutely crushing it in this insouciantly cool The Row look which could be either a dress or pants, it’s hard to tell. However, it’s easy to tell that that perfect toe grazing length is effortless for her, and she will never be caught hoisting her skirt into her knickers to make it safely down stairs. – Rebecca Wadey

Best accessorising

Sienna Miller has been my hair icon for years, and I was a devoted student of her early aughts Boho style (including the required faux fur gilet and cowboy boots). So when I saw that she had welcomed Architectural Digest into her 16th-century thatched-roof English countryside cottage, I have never clicked on a story quicker.

Her home and interiors are, of course, delightful but the cover look in particular stood out for me: she’s wearing Dior, while standing in a meadow of wild flowers during a countryside shower. But it’s really all about the frilly pink flamingo umbrella. – Zoe Walker Ahwa

Best tracksuit revival

‘90s fashion might be’ ‘back’ but Mel C would like you to remember that her trademark Sporty Spice look was never out of fashion.

It being 2022 and all, the tracksuit has levelled up. This one comes, of course, from the immeasurably popular (and expensive) Gucci X Adidas collab, but there are more accessible aspects of the outfit you can incorporate into your outfit more affordably. The Hunter bumbag for example retails for $78. Less attainable, those washboard abs. – Tyson Beckett

Best b…h stole my look

Keke Palmer made it to our top celebrity looks last week with her opera gloves ensemble, but what can we say, the girl keeps turning out looks. Like this head-to-toe green lace Valentino gown she wore to the Nope London Premiere.

The feathered peplum detail doesn’t really do it for me, but the fact that she matches the Wacky Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man behind her definitely does. He’s trying to steal the show, but we all know Keke is the real queen of green. – Lara Daly

Best in bold

Firstly, my mind was blown when I discovered Zoey Deutch (who I adored in Netflix’s Set It Up) was the daughter of Back to the Future star Lea Thompson. So I’m just dropping this here, so you’re not embarrassed to discover it when Not Okay, the film she produces and stars in (a ‘satire of social media celebrity’) makes her star shine even brighter.

Secondly, this dress doesn’t feel particularly Elie Saab to me, a brand I mostly associate with Halle Berry’s Oscar dress from 2002, although I guess, like all of us, they’ve changed over the past 20 years.

The big sleeves are very my vibe, as is the bright colour (when I’m not dreaming of a The Row minimalist life, see above), and the ruching in the (very short) front keeps it firmly in the camp of modern cool rather than ‘80s nostalgia.

This is a most excellent party dress and one that I would wear to Ensemble’s upcoming birthday celebrations, if I was a Hollywood nepo-baby. – RW

Best subtle superhero vibe

Elsewhere on the Not Okay red carpet, content creator Ashley Rous AKA @best.dressed proved that her moniker rings true with this Prada look.

I don’t know how the latex thigh high boots, the buttercup yellow dress with the triangular Prada emblem and the subtle beehive work together, but somehow they do. It’s giving a vaguely retro Star Trek vibe but just on the right side of costume. – TB

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