Tik Tok Rolling Stone Nanny State—Johnny Depp, Amber Heard defamation lawsuit

It’s a simple way to do business and succeed in the marketplace of ideas. Closed ideas.


Censorship on parade. Because we must be protected from dangerous content.

At infowars, Paul Watson has the story:

“TikTok censored numerous viral videos alleging inconsistencies in Amber Heard’s testimony after the platform was contacted by Rolling Stone magazine.”

“…seemingly keen to stop the spread of embarrassing viral videos which portrayed Heard in a bad light, Rolling Stone contacted the platform complaining that the videos ‘glorified violence or suffering’.”

“One of the videos in question, which was later deleted by TikTok, featured two cats playing the roles of Heard and Depp.”

“’In the video, Heard’s testimony is reenacted by a cat in a blond wig, with the same cat in a black wig and a Pirates of The Caribbean bandana playing Johnny Depp,’ reports Reclaim the Net. ‘When the video starts, the cat playing Heard is lightly slapped using a finger’.”

“TikTok removed several videos it was alerted to by Rolling Stone journalists, claiming they violated the platforms policies against bullying and harassment, which does not allow ‘content that disparages victims of violent tragedies’.”

Excuse me, but the whole point of the court case is deciding WHETHER THERE WAS A VICTIM OF A VIOLENT TRAGEDY.

This is not ASSUMED, prior to the trial.

Apparently, Tik Tok missed that point.

Or possibly they and Rolling Stone have already adjudicated the case and I missed the memo.

There is also the issue of how dangerous two video cats playing Johnny and Amber actually are.

But PRIOR assumption/adjudication is the Big One, because these days, that is the preferred method of analysis. “We know what the outcome should be, so we don’t have to waste time getting to it.”

Depp and Heard and their incompetent lawyers made a stupid mistake. Rather than filing a case with a court, they should have gone directly to Rolling Stone and Tik Tok to make a ruling about the violent tragedy.

According to the same logic, independent journalists should send their articles to the new Government Disinformation Board before publishing them.

I could have saved two years and over 300 articles about the COVID fraud, by simply making proper inquiries, prior to posting. Actually, prior to writing.

“Dear Sirs and Madams and Other Genders: Here is a list of conclusions I’m making about COVID. Please let me know whether I should allow any of them to see the light of day. Your faithful servant…”


Bottom line: If you or I are considering making any statement about a favored class of purported victims, regardless of circumstances or context, we should consult a preferred authority first. To see whether we are disturbing an ongoing AGENDA.


As we all know.

And once we do know, we can couch our remarks in a way that endears us to everyone else who also knows, up front, what the outcome of a given event ought to be.

It’s a simple way to do business and succeed in the marketplace of ideas.

Closed ideas.


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