TikTok pink sauce copycat proves original ingredients ‘make no sense’


A TikTok user recreated the viral pink sauce from the social media app and ran into trouble remaking it with the listed ingredients.

Every day users on TikTok go viral for everything from new dances, bizarre food products, or for spotting something out in the wild.

In July 2022, TikTok was completely overtaken by a condiment made by user Chef Pii called pink sauce. The food topping caught the attention of millions of users for its wonderful color and also the potential food safety concerns surrounding the product.

Although users were intrigued by the sauce, many were wondering exactly what the ingredients were. Now, one user has gone viral for their attempted recreation.

pink sauce

Chef Pii

Pink sauce is a super-pink condiment that is sparking concerns across the net.

TikToker goes viral for pink sauce recreation

User RaphaelGomesx decided to use the ingredients listed for the pink sauce and make it at home himself.

What resulted was one of his most viral videos to date, notching over 11.8 million views in just a week after posting.

Gomes added together all the items needed to make pink sauce including water, sunflower oil, dragonfruit, raw honey, garlic, vinegar, and tons of spices.

Ultimately the concoction he brewed was way too oily and slick to be a proper recreation of the pink sauce, which was strange considering he followed exactly what the ingredients listed on the bottle. So, he did some research on why.

It turns out that the pink sauce might actually have a healthy amount of mayo in it as well xanthan gum for a binding agent, so Raphael tossed some in to make it have a thicker texture, which worked.

Although the resulting product was a bit thicker than the original pink sauce, Raphael managed to remake it with the exact color and even a pink sauce bottle to boot.

As the pink sauce continues to be a hot item on the market, it’s possible TikTok users continue to brew their own at home.

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