TikToker goes viral after claiming her therapist slept with her boyfriend

A viral TikTok is shocking viewers after one user alleged her therapist went from treating her to sleeping with her boyfriend.

Therapy can be hard to engage in under normal circumstances. The need to be vulnerable with a stranger requires absolute trust in the qualifications of the person you’re dealing with.

With TikTok living a double life behind lip-synced doors, it’s far from rare to find mental health advice, frank discussions on issues across the spectrum, and even the perspective of therapists on the platform.

Meghan ‘meghanmutter’ on TikTok has stirred a wildfire of commentary with the bombshell revelation that the therapist she’d been seeing crossed a number of professional boundaries.

TikTok: Meghanmutter

Mental health treatments are becoming more part of the toolkit for a happy and healthy life. 41.4 million adults used some form of treatment of counseling in 2020 alone.

TikTokers murky allegations

The video in question is simple enough in its presentation. Meg is in the middle of her gym with the caption: “Tells therapist all the trauma this boy caused me.”

As iCarly’s ‘Joke is on you’ hits its drop, the vid switches to the caption “she sleeps with him” and meghanmutter dancing her feelings out.

Commentary in response started inquisitively with the demand for a storytime hitting an all-time high. While others attempted to give advice around the situation. “You know she can get her license reviewed for this because it’s considered against apa code of ethics,” one person responded.


my life is a joke at this point TopGunMode #viralsound #viral

♬ the joke is on you. icarly – Kate

There were equal levels of pure shock at the situation. “When I say I gasped!” was among the top comments about the situation.

As can be expected with anything on the internet, there was an equal level of insincerity in the responses. With one user claiming: “She just needed ur POV to be a better therapist.”

There has not been a follow-up from meghanmutter, should there be any further details arise we’ll be sure to update this piece.

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