TikToker grossed out after customer slides an actual bag of pee into their dressing room

Published: 2022-11-24T05:15:50

Updated: 2022-11-24T05:16:00

A TikToker went viral after recording what appears to be a bag of pee, which was slipped into her dressing room in Zara.

Zara is a high-end retailer which prides itself in its fast fashion alongside quality apparel. It’s seen as an affordable shop option in the West, and a luxury brand in many Asian countries. When shopping at such a reputable retailer, most expect the changing rooms to be private and hygienic.

But unfortunately for TikTok user andreagio102, this was definitely not the case. In a viral TikTok uploaded on November 10, a stranger pushed a bag of what looks suspiciously like urine into the TikToker’s dressing room.

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TikToker shocks viewers with unsolicited bag of urine

“I’m literally trying on clothes in Zara on fifth ave right now, and someone just pushed this into my dressing room under the certain,” Andrea Giordano told the viewers.

She then revealed the very yellow bag of urine, which lay open on the floor, stinking up the entire room.

“Oh my god, I think it’s pee. Guys, that literally smells like piss,” she exclaimed in disgust.

Shockingly, many viewers believe this is to be a relatively common occurrence in retail.

“I use to work at Zara and honestly people peeing in fitting rooms happens in probably every retail store,” one user commented.

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“Unfortunately coming from a former retail worker that’s common. The uncommon piece is that it’s in a baggy and was pushed under your room,” another mentioned.

A worker quickly arrived to the scene and threw out the rather dark-colored urine. “That worker does not get paid enough,” TikTok user Sarah added.

It’s impressive the worker didn’t just walk out then and there, which is what one Mcdonald’s employee did after they saw a massive pile of dishes to clean.

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