Twitch confirms highly-requested stream clip feature is finally coming

Twitch announced a host of new updates coming to the platform in the next few weeks, including a much-requested feature for mobile users.

Twitch has had a busy week after making a major announcement to allow partners to stream on other platforms.

However, Twitch’s announcements aren’t over, as the company hosted a Patch Notes stream that went over upcoming changes.

One of those changes is a highly requested feature that should allow streamers to download their clips from Twitch Mobile more easily.

Twitch Mobile Clips Download feature coming soon

twitch mobile dowload clips previewTwitch

Though details are scarce on how the feature will function, the screenshots provided make it seem quite easy.

Twitch’s Patch Notes stream opened by detailing upcoming features centered around the new Creator Mode on Mobile that rolled out last week.

The new Clips Download feature is tied to Creator Mode and will allow streamers to download clips from the mobile app straight to their device.

According to Twitch Product Manager Shilpi Chakrabarti, this should easily allow creators to “edit their clips as they wish and share them on social [media]” easier than ever before.

Chakrabarti confirmed on stream that this was the “number one requested feature on the Partner summit.”

This is a big step in making it much easier for streamers and partners to manage their social media output on one device instead of splitting the process across desktop and mobile.

While Chakrabarti didn’t give an exact date, it appears Twitch is aiming to get this Clips Downloader feature on mobile platforms by late September.

However, that wasn’t the end of Twitch’s mobile-centric update announcements.

Chakrabarti followed up the Clips Downloader feature with the reveal that Stream Summary, mobile Raids, and a “complete revamp” to the IRL flow on mobile.

While we don’t know exactly when these other updates are coming, it seems Twitch is aiming to release them by the end of 2022.

For now, streamers and fans can look forward to the new Clips Downloader feature on Mobile coming later in September.

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