Twitch viewers horrified as IRL streamer supposedly photographed by “creepy” stranger

Twitch viewers were horrified after a stranger appeared to take an invasive picture of a Twitch streamer ‘ibabyrainbow’ while she had her back turned in a supermarket.

IRL Twitch streamers have captured some shocking moments during their adventures which have left their viewers shocked.

Some creators have broadcast some incidents having even been completely unaware of it at the time, only being alerted to the problem by their distressed chat.

This was the case for Twitch creator ‘ibabyrainbow’ who was at the checkout in a supermarket when her viewers spotted a man seemingly taking a picture of her without her permission.

ibabyrainbow snapped by stranger in supermarket

IRL streamer ibabyrainbow, who has 633K followers on Twitch, was finishing off her shopping at a self-service checkout and turned to face the camera as she looked at her phone.

Fans then spotted a man walking past behind her who stopped in his tracks after seeing her. After walking past her multiple times pushing a kart, he then pulled out his phone and pointed it towards her.

Her chat was then filled with surprised viewers claiming that the stranger had sneakily taken a picture of her while her back was turned without her knowledge.

As the clip reached Reddit, viewers were similarly infuriated by the moment as one stated: “I’m actually shocked people do this. What a f**khead.”

Meanwhile, one viewer claiming to be the stranger in the video, stated that he was taking a picture of her “shorts” for his “daughter” so she could buy a pair for herself. However, another user added: “Plot twist: he was actually taking a picture of the stalls.”

Despite the influx of messages, the Twitch streamer was unaware of the situation and continued to go shopping around the store getting supplies for her 21st birthday party.

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