Warzone guru WhosImmortal proves abandoned Cold War rifle is still overpowered

Not many individuals know Warzone fairly like WhosImmortal, and he’s introduced out the stats to show that an previous Chilly Conflict powerhouse weapon continues to be as robust as ever. 

It has been greater than a yr because the DMR first took over the Warzone meta alongside the Mac 10.

For a time it was the undisputed king of long-range and is broadly thought of to be the most effective weapons within the recreation’s historical past.

Whereas a pair of nerfs finally dropped it again down the ladder, WhosImmortal thinks the group as a complete is overlooking the gun’s true potential.

WhosImmortal explains how the DMR continues to be overpowered in Warzone

DMR in BOCW gunsmith with Warzone Pacific logo

The DMR won’t be the unbeatable machine it was earlier than however that doesn’t imply it’s unusable.

Immortal first highlighted stats from TrueGameData to make his level. The DMR ranks properly forward of the pack when it comes to close-range (18 meters) TTK and solely suffers a slight fall-off within the medium vary.

A number of weapons, just like the C58, win the intermediate distance battle, however the DMR then spikes once more at long-range and vegetation itself again within the primary spot.

The one factor holding the weapon again is the single-shot nature of the gun. As Immortal places it, it is a “excessive threat, excessive reward” alternative that can completely put your set off finger to the check: “It’s not as damaged because it was earlier than, however in case you’re an excellent participant you may make this construct insanely overpowered.”

The gun additionally encompasses a ton of flexibility in its attachments which suggests it may be fine-tuned to suit particular playstyles a lot better than a number of the different meta decisions.

Most DMR loadouts are anchored in with the Company Suppressor and Subject Agent Foregrip, however after that, there aren’t any laborious guidelines.

Aggressive gamers can slap a No Inventory on and make the most of the additional mobilitywhereas slower gamers might add the 20.8″ Strike Group barrel on to make it further punishing at lengthy vary.

Whereas it might stay a distinct segment alternative due to the hearth price, all of these items mix to make the DMR the proper alternative to your normal XM4 or Chilly Conflict AK.

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