‘We were a defensive team but we’re more aggressive now since Seikoo joined’ – interview with Endpoint UK Rocket League player RelatingWave by Craftman | Powered by MSI

Esports News UK is hosting a series of big interviews live on Twitch over the next month powered by MSI, the first of which focuses on rising UK Rocket League star, Lucas ‘RelatingWave’ Rose.

RelatingWave is team captain for UK organisation Endpoint, who have made a big impact this year, having won two EU Regionals and reached the quarter finals of the recent Rocket League Fall Major. Scottish caster Adam ‘Craftman’ Stewart interviews RelatingWave in this special interview.

RelatingWave has made a name for himself during a strange era of esports – covid has caused many events to be online-only or for LANs to take place without a live audience.

So what does he think of his time in Stockholm at the recent Fall Major?

“Considering it was my first proper LAN, it was crazy. Having no crowd there made it less exciting than it could have been, but the studio was incredible,” RelatingWave said.

“We’ve been told some secret stuff [about future events], there’s exciting times to come – hopefully in the future there will be a crowd, that players can interact with. Psyonix has some exciting plans.”

“It was exciting going up against the likes of FaZe and Renegades, they have a big following and have been around for years now. Some of the players I was playing against I was watching two or three years ago.”

On his teammates Seikoo and Metsanauris, RelatingWave said: “They’re so cool and calm whenever they can be, and I end up being the more emotional one, but I always try to make sure people have fun and we keep talking. I just cannot stop talking! Whenever there’s a goal being scored I can’t stop talking.

“Seikoo has been a nice little lad [since he joined Endpoint]. We wanted to come in and we’ve made it work so that everyone does more than we originally planned. All of us are more aggressive now and we were generally quite a defensive team, but because of his talent and what we can do as a unit now, it’s really bolstered our ability.”

Wave also spoke about a number of things, including what he thinks of Endpoint being considered underdogs, working with a sports psychologist, getting picked up by Endpoint in 2020, why EU is better than NA and more.

And here are his ‘player card’ stats that Craftman, RelatingWave and the Twitch chat came up with:

  • Mechanics: 71
  • Reflexes: 82
  • Positioning: 79
  • Aggression: 71
  • Communication: 93
  • Mental fortitude: 67

Check out the full interview with RelatingWave here:

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