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What Can Live Blackjack Games Offer That RNG Blackjack Can’t?

Not every player is a firm fan of live dealer games. Some prefer the straightforward nature of RNG blackjack games, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, there are also casino players who genuinely don’t know the difference between the two or understand why they may wish to consider jumping to live blackjack. Without twisting your arm, allow us to explain the primary perks of playing live blackjack at online casinos such as today.

The Utmost in Realistic Blackjack Action

Firstly, let’s state the obvious – you can wager in real-time with a human dealer taking control of the action. Furthermore, live dealer games are streamed live from a studio (in the worst-case scenario) or even a real-to-life, brick-and-mortar casino (the best-case scenario). Either way, the ambience and atmosphere are going to be a million times more exciting than playing RNG games.

An Ability to Bet Behind

This won’t appeal to everyone, but betting behind is only possible with live dealer games. If you’ve ever wondered how many people can fit at a live blackjack table and how the casinos get around this problem – here’s the answer. You can place bets on the same set of cards that appear on the table like everyone else. However, you do not have to “hit” or “stand” if you don’t want to. This is known as betting behind and can be quite a favourable way to gamble.

Prosper from Mega Money Multipliers (In Some Games)

Playing live dealer blackjack games (well, some titles, such as Lightning Blackjack) can also see you able to pocket mega money multipliers on your winnings. Games like this have specific rules where you rapidly increase the amount you can win. This will be worth a lot more than prizes in conventional blackjack games. Of course, this won’t be the case for all live dealer games, but it is still worth exploring.

Join Tournaments with Promising Prize Pools

It is possible to find “some” RNG table game tournaments out there. However, you’ll have more luck finding live dealer blackjack tournaments and competitions. Pragmatic Play’s Drops & Wins competitions are just one example. If you fancy trying your hand at blackjack tournaments, live blackjack is often the way to go. Head to any casino offering live dealer games and check them out to see what we mean.

Snap Up a Blackjack Bonus Guaranteed to Work

Finally, let us briefly touch on bonuses and promotions. Much like tournaments and competitions, not all online casinos offer table game bonuses. Sure, they may let you use conventional welcome bonuses on selected table games, but bona fide table game bonuses are rare. What you do get, though, are live casino bonuses. Naturally, as there is no such thing as a live slot, these can only be used on live dealer casino games. If you want to ensure that you can splash bonus cash on blackjack, then live dealer games (and thus, live blackjack) are the way to go.

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