What is the ‘Spa Water’ trend? New TikTok trend sparks controversy


. Last updated: Jul 30, 2022

The new ‘Spa Water’ TikTok trend has been taking over the platform, but it’s also stirred a lot of backlash.

Several trends have gone viral on the social media app, but the one that’s been making headlines lately is the new ‘Spa Water’ trend.

Not long ago, the ‘Pink sauce’ trend found itself surrounded by numerous controversies, and it seems that this new trend is destined to meet a similar fate.

What is the ‘Spa Water’ trend? Viral TikTok trend explained

The ‘Spa Water’ trend is a new drink that has been taking over TikTok. The refreshing drink has caught the attention of many people and is said to have many benefits, including hydration and anti-inflammatory properties.

To make the drink, you use ice cold water, cucumber, a fruit of your choice, lime juice, and sugar. Mixing these ingredients together will give you the ‘Spa Water,’ a summery Mexican beverage.

The trend was started by white American TikToker Gracie Norton, who has over 548,000 followers. She posted several videos of her drinking the beverage and used hashtags like wellnessjourney and healing in one of the viral videos.

Not long after, the TikToker was slammed by the Latino/Latina community, causing her to delete all her videos related to the trend.

The controversy surrounding the ‘Spa Water’ TikTok trend

Many believe that Norton culturally appropriated agua fresca, a popular Mexican beverage. Several videos were made in response to her viral videos, explaining why the trend was problematic.

“Look, I’m just trying to have a good morning, and I wake up to this,” TikTok user themadzness said of one of the spa water videos. “They are now gentrifying agua frescas. Agua. Frescas, guys,” she continued.

“This is the difference between cultural appropriation and appreciation,” TikTok user itsdonutshole said of the controversy. “If you want to appreciate this culture, share it, share where it came from, call it by its name. Don’t give it your own white name that you decided it feels like you should put on it. Give credit where credit is due.”

Latinos are also making videos calling out people recreating the water-based beverage. They are voicing their frustrations over people not giving credit to the Latin community when they use things that are popular in Latin culture.

The spawater hashtag is currently filled with videos of people mocking the trend, and people reacting to Norton’s now deleted spa water videos.

Norton recently issued an apology to the Latin community via Instagram. She confessed that she titled her viral videos incorrectly, and acknowledged that the proper name of the drink is “Agua Fresca.”

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