When is Saints Row Reboot coming out

On Wednesday, developer Volition revealed the highly anticipated Saints Row reboot. The game comes with all-new characters in an all-new location that brings the series back from supernatural craziness to street-level craziness. But when exactly is it releasing? Let’s find out.

Saints Row Reboot Release Date: When is Saints Row Reboot coming out?

The previous Saints Row series was fantastic, to say the least. It was originally a rip-off of GTA, but the franchise quickly grew into a game of its own. However, the fourth game in the series received mixed reviews with some people enjoying the superpowers added into the game, and other people well… hated it.

The Saints Row reboot takes place in Santo Ileso, a city inspired by the American Southwest, and a CGI trailer showed off gritty desert roads, a Las Vegas-like district, and more. The story stars three main characters and your customizable protagonist as you build a criminal empire and take on three opposing factions inhabiting the city.

Volition and publisher Deep Silver showed what Saints Row will look like beyond the pre-rendered trailers. A new seven-minute video preview of the game shows off its new, younger, up-and-coming criminal cast — including player character The Boss — and the opposing gangs players will shoot up on the streets of Santo Ileso, a Las Vegas-like town in the American Southwest.

Volition has announced that Saints Row is scheduled to be released on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and PC on February 25th, 2022.

Make sure those calendars are marked!

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