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Zacc arrests NSSA director over US$180 000 fraud


Herald Reporter

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) has arrested National Social Services Authority director for Corporate Affairs David Makwara for fraud involving more than US$182 000.

In a statement, ZACC said Makwara is set to appear in court today.

It said allegations are that in August 2021, Makwara hatched a plan to defraud NSSA of thousands of United States dollars by misrepresenting to the Authority that Zivo Project Management (Pvt) Ltd intended to carry out renovation works at his home worth US$18 2661, 77.

ZACC said to achieve his plan, it is alleged that Makwara approached one Nigel Mahachi, the project manager at Zivo Project Management (Pvt) Ltd to give him a quotation for the proposed renovations work at House Number 5 Ruwanga Road in Mandara in Harare

It said Mahachi submitted a bill of quantities (BOQ) for the proposed renovations to the accused together with an invoice totalling US$182 661, 77.

ZACC said soon after receiving the invoice, Makwara submitted it to NSSA for payment

“NSSA, acting on the submitted invoice, transferred the total amount of US$182 661, 77 to Zivo Project Management (Pvt) Ltd’s bank account,” reads the statement.

ZACC further alleged that after the money reflected into the Zivo Project Management (Pvt) Ltd account, Makwara corruptly directed Mahachi to refund him the money.

The law enforcement agent noted that this is against the NSSA policy and practice which does not allow a person tobe paid money for home improvement directly unless prior approval has been granted.

ZACC said to get hard cash, it is alleged that Zivo Project Management transferred a total of US$171 600, 00 to a local fuel dealers bank account and were subsequently given US$165 000 in cash.

ZACC said it is further alleged that in June 2022, Makwara sent Mahachi instructions to add 15 items to the initial bill of quantities to cover his crime.

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