Zambia : Southern Province records gain in Covid-19 vaccine campaign

Southern Province Minister, Cornelius Mweetwa says the Province has continued to record gains in the number of vaccination against COVID-19 with 33 percent of the target 70 percent of vaccinations having been reached.

The Minister this as a results of robust strategies that have been employed by government to control the spread of COVID 19 in the Province.

He says the involvement of all stakeholders including traditional leaders remains key in mobilizing the community towards increased uptake of the COVID 19 Vaccination.

Mr. Mweetwa is convinced that through concerted effort that targeted 70 percent mark will be reached.

“If we work together we shall surely win this fight against COVID-19,” he said.

He was speaking in Kalomo yesterday in a speech read for him by Southern Province Permanent Secretary, Namani Monze at relaunch of the COVID 19 vaccination campaign for the Province.

And Kalomo Member of Parliament, Harry Kamboni is disappointed that some health practitioners are in one’s in the forefront discouraged people from getting the COVID vaccine.

Mr. Kamboni wondered how health experts who are supposed to be role models in encouraging community members to get vaccinated could the ones frustrating government efforts to reachout to the people in the vaccination drive.

He said educated individuals must use their knowledge to better the health of the people by giving them correct information on the efficacy of the COVID 19 vaccine instead of encouraging them to seek services of traditional healers to seek remedies for COVID 19 related illnesses.

“Why are you encouraging people to seek remedies from witch doctors?,” he asked.

Mr. Kamboni said President Hakainde Hichilema has worked very hard to mobilize COVID 19 Vaccines but that it would be sad for Kalomo residents to disappoint him by shunning the relaunched vaccinations campaign.

Meanwhile acting Provincial Health Director, Clive Banda said the Ministry of Health will ensure a sustained supply of COVID 19 vaccines to all eligible age groups starting from 12 years.

Dr. Banda said relaunched vaccination campaign has brought on board all stakeholders to ensure wider reach to the targeted populations.

“The Ministry is ready to supply the vaccination what is needed is the uptake,” Dr. Banda said.

At the relaunch, Chief Chikanta who received a booster shot said he was leading as an example not only to his subjects but the entire province and the country at large the importance of COVID vaccines.

“I am leading by example, this is my booster shot, I did all the jabs,” he said.

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