Zambian Breweries to invest $80 million to double the beer production capacity

Despite the controversy by the Residents Doctors Association of Zambia President Dr. Brian Chota Sampa who has embarked on a lone “Alcohol Ban” walk from Lusaka to Kabwe as a protest to have government ban alcohol, Zambian Breweries, Zambia’s largest brewer and part of the world’s largest brewing company (Anheuser-Busch InBev), will invest $80 million to double the beer production capacity of its Lusaka-based Mungwi Road plant.

As part of the upgrade, Zambian Breweries expects to invest 90% of the proposed investment in high-tech equipment that will see the plant operate more sustainably.

The investment will be spread over the next 18 months and will enable the company to strengthen its offer in the growing domestic beer market by the end of 2023.

According to officials, the project should support the various programs deployed by the company to source local raw materials such as barley, cassava, corn and sorghum.

The community will benefit from the multiple opportunities that will be created and the Zambian government will see an increase in tax revenue. The first phase of the investment includes upgrades to the supply wing of the business, which houses the technical services, brewing, cellars and packaging departments.

“This investment has been enabled by the pro-business and pro-investment climate being promoted by the government. We are encouraged by what we have seen so far and we as a business intend to be a big part of the economic recovery and growth of the Zambian market,” said Ms Michelle Kilpin, Zambian Breweries Managing Director.

Last year, the company saw its operating profit jump 730% to 190.2 million kwacha (€11.4 million).

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