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Zulu King’s call for unity ‘disingenuous’, says royal family faction

Zulu royal family members opposed to King Misuzulu kaZwelithini on Monday described his recent call for unity within the family as “disingenuous”.

Addressing his subjects during his installation in Nongoma on Saturday, King Misuzulu called for an end to the current succession battles within the royal family, saying they were damaging the standing of the Zulu nation.

King calls on his brothers to co-operate with him
Referring to his two half-brothers, Prince Buzabazi Zulu and Prince Simakade Zulu — who some royal family members believe were the rightful heirs to the throne — King Misuzulu called on them to co-operate with him in his new role as the Zulu nation’s ruler.

However, a royal family member close to Prince Buzabazi said the new king had previously ignored attempts to have him participate in royal family meetings aimed at resolving the current disputes within the family.

“Prince Buzabazi went to the extent of writing his brother a letter but there was no response.” In the letter, seen by The Witness, Prince Buzabazi told the new king that it was important for them to hold a family meeting to iron out their differences.

Despite the challenges we are facing as a family since the passing of our father His Majesty, the late King Goodwill Zwelithini, I have remained resolute that the family should resolve the matters internally and not make it a public spectacle
“Since last year’s announcement that King Misuzulu was the next ruler of the Zulu nation,” Prince Buzabazi wrote, “there have been a number of occasions where the king has conducted himself in a manner that flew in the face of the Zulu royal family’s customs and traditions.

“You have not participated in any of these customs and traditions in honuor of our late father and, with the anniversary of our father’s passing approaching, I do not think you are conscious of the implications of not adhering to the customs and traditions, for yourself, the AmaZulu Royal House, and the Zulu Nation,” Prince Buzabazi said.

However, King Misuzulu’s spokesperson, Prince Thulani Zulu, denied that Prince Buyazi requested a meeting.

“Since you have the letter in question, can you indicate which part of the letter is inviting His Majesty to a meeting? It was definitely not an invitation letter but a document where someone was expressing his personal views on a number of issues …

“He did not respond to the letter which is being cited because he respects other people’s views,” Prince Thulani said.

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